don’t worry,
we will move it.

We are specialised in difficult and extremely difficult special transports.
But we can also take care of the easier stuff.




We are specialised in special transports. When it comes to difficult, big or fast transports, come to us first.


It all began with gravel transports. Even today, Rantala transports gravel and sand reliably and professionally.


Rantala’s lifting services reach high, and can also do so in difficult circumstances, thanks to specialised equipment.

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We are selling some of our retired equipment on Check what we offer (pages in Finnish).



Renewed brand

Our new Volvo FH16 arrived last week. We start use our new brand and logos….

Rantala-yhtiöt hankki Hyundai 160D-9L -dieseltrukin haalaukseen

Finnsiirron toimitiloissa Liedossa luovutettiin taannoin iso Hyundai 160D-9L -dieseltrukki Rantala-yhtiöille, jonka erikoisosaamisalueina ovat haastavat ja…